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Our revolutionary licensing management platform enables healthcare workers to seamlessly and securely track, upload, and manage all continuing education requirements and licensing so you can do what you do best - focus on patient care!

Who is suma for?

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Healthcare Facilities

We offer healthcare organizations secure and accessible licensing compliance that is focused on ensuring all employees’ licenses are up-to-date.

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Healthcare Providers:

We help make licensing convenient and simple. We want you to have access to the services and support you need so you can focus on providing care.
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Union and Government Agencies

We will organize and maximize compliance, safety, and productivity to ensure you are following all regulations and keeping your members licensed.

By the Numbers:

2205 Nurses Online
7328 Certificates Created
223414 Licenses Managed

Accessibility Reliability Security

Suma is easy to use, secure, and reliable. We are committed to providing the highest standards of security available and keeping you up to date information on any regulations.

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